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Do it Right: A key lesson for acquisition success

Oct. 1, 2015

Do It Right Worldwide business spends trillions of dollars annually on acquiring other businesses. Yet there are lots of studies that say anything from 50% to 90% of those acquisitions are rated as failures. At first glance something doesn’t seem to add up here, so the question is why do businesses continue to buy other…

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The Cash & Risk Continuum

Aug. 11, 2015

CEO’s and business owners will have too much or too little of it at some point in their company’s lifecycle. How you respond to these eventualities are critical to your company’s success as well as your personal and professional development. Inherent in the management of any business, there is a dynamic interplay between cash and…

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Understanding the value of your company is primary to knowing how to navigate the next steps for future growth. Take a 15-minute assessment to gain insights into your firm's value and an overview of your firms Value Gap as compared to your peers. Merit Harbor helps CEO’s and Entrepreneurs create valuable companies by focusing on improving your critical value drivers.

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